11 best fields for women entrepreneurs to start a business

best fields for women entrepreneurs to start a business

Hey guys, welcome to our blog. This article is one of my traditional & favorite topics. This article is about the 11 best fields for women entrepreneurs to start a business in 2021. So if you’re interested in starting something that people really need so continue reading this article up to the very end.

1 – Organic Vending Machines Business Idea –

Organic Vending Machines business idea, whenever i arrive at a hotel or a motel or whatever when i see a vending machine it’s normally Coca-Cola some unhealthy snacks a lot of sugar and i wonder like should i just skip this meal and wait for something that is healthy or should i have a cheat day.

An Organic Vending Machine business would be a great business for places where people tend to care more about their health and where they  watch what they eat. In 2019 the vending machine market in the United States was  over 6000 million dollars and is projected to be over 7000 million dollars by 2026 so this market is definitely growing. This business is more suitable for high traffic areas of the city and maybe for a little richer population. 

2 – Find a doctors service Business Idea –

The next service that i would personally use would call it find a doctor service or a doctor business.

So the problem with insurance is it works with a lot of doctors like for example “i need to find a pediatrician and there are so many doctors in the area for example if i’m in San-Francisco there are 200 pediatricians and if i go and yelp maybe 20 or 30 of them have five stars and you start calling them and they’re either on a lunch break or nobody picks up and when i looked for a doctor for myself it took me five hours to find the right doctor because when i called the office they would tell me oh you know they’re fully booked oh you know they’re not accepting new patients oh do you know that the next available appointment is in 20 2064” something like that.

I would really use a service where call you and ask you hey guys i need this doctor this is my problem this is my insurance this is how far i want this doctor to be from my home and this is the minimum rating that i’m looking for could you please find me that doctor who would be available to see me within the next two weeks that would be awesome that would save so much time.

By the way this problem made me hire a virtual personal assistant because I just couldn’t work, have a baby have a family and spend five hours per day looking for the right doctor for my family because we were new to the area and it took some time to find the right people.

3 – Food Delivery to the Airplane or to the Train Business Idea-

This business idea is connected to travel and I saw this kind of business first in Russia, it is called food delivery to the airplane or to the train. So when you’re traveling like we know there are five hour flights six hour flights in the USA where they don’t serve you food they give you like a pack of chips and that’s it you really need to eat when you fly and sometimes you just can’t prepare the meal.

Yes i take eggs with me i take stuff with me but sometimes I’m in a rush and then i arrive at the airport and in some airports everything is closed right now in some airports you only have unhealthy stuff that you don’t want to eat. And yes there are some services that would help you order from airport restaurants and deliver that to your gate.

But what I’m talking about here is that you prepare meals and deliver them to the airport for people healthy in-flight meals or you deliver them to the train station half an hour before the train parts or two hours prior to the flight. And i want you to be a specialist in it i want you to prepare food that would be edible when it’s cold that will last for three four or five hours that will be packed in a way that there will be no problems with the tsa and security checkpoints but again in Russia a lot of my friends use this and healthy food delivery to their train to the airplane is a great great service.

4 – 15-Minute Grocery Delivery Business Idea-

Another cool business idea is kind of starting in the USA one of my silicon valley friends has already started this in New York and they’re expanding to San Francisco. It is huge in Russia, it is huge in countries like India and China. This is where you get food delivered within 15 minutes.

It’s not like your instacart it’s not amazon whole foods delivery it doesn’t take hours the way this business works is that people rent an apartment or they rent like a small storage space they fill the storage space with products that are in really high demand all the time you know milk chips beer toilet paper sugar whatever they create an app or you can create a website where you can order everything online and because they only serve the area 15 minute walk or 15 minute bike ride from the storage they are able to deliver things within 15 minutes. 

You can start locally if you like a busy area where you live and then you can expand. I think this is the future of delivery like amazon has won the market because their delivery times were like one day and were free and free returns and it was similar to other online shopping websites but the service is everything these days and if you’re able to deliver things that people need right now in 15 minutes. This is a game changer.

People are stuck with you they’re not gonna switch to instacart they’re not gonna switch to amazon because 15 minutes it’s just a completely different mindset. You know you’re cooking something oh my god i don’t have spaghetti anymore 15 minutes and they’re at your door.

5 –  Youtube Channel Business Idea –

Another business idea is something that i’m a huge fan of is to start a Youtube channel in the area of your expertise. I’m really fond of people who are professionals in some areas and who are producing videos.  

This is something that makes a great income. First of all you get paid by Youtube by adsense second you can have partnerships where companies pay you to advertise their products third you have affiliate links or you produce your own products like courses or manuals or you create a physical product so the opportunity here is amazing. 

And what i see in the well this is my vision for the future i see that in the next five or ten years almost everyone would have their Youtube channel or a social media outlet where they post regularly but the problem is because there would be more and more influencers everyone would kind of be a micro influencer because people can’t just follow everyone but now is still a great time to start i see a lot of creators on the rise i see a lot of new ideas flowing around Youtube.  So now it’s the perfect time to start a Youtube Channel.

6 – Personal Chef Business Idea –

Next idea is personal chef business idea. Yes, I’m talking about being a personal chef for normal people. You don’t have to be a culinary artist, you don’t have to throw dinners for 12 people. I’m talking about day to day cooking. More and more people are staying at home more and more people are working from home and when you’re working from home and when your kid is at home it’s really really hard it’s a lot harder than working from the office. 

When your kid is with someone and cooking is like another task that would take some time away from you i started doing this in the u.s i just found a russian girl who liked to cook and i started paying her by hour and she would come and she would cook for us for five or six hours. She would cook enough food that would last us for three to four days maybe a week because sometimes she did frozen food. 

You can start as a one person business you just create a website you advertise around your area you give people leaflets with menus that you can provide and say hey i can cook for you every monday from 1 to 5 p.m you choose from the menu that i’ve provided. And then you have all the recipes you come up with.

You can also create an additional service where you buy all the products. I would use the service 100 and i know a lot of moms and professionals who care about what they eat who really love home-cooked food but they just don’t have time for it and they’re willing to pay extra cash for someone to come and cook for them.

7 – Pack & Move Service business idea –

The next idea is pack and move service where people not just take your boxes and move you but where people help you with bagging like they take your makeup and they pack everything, they take care of everything. 

So they just come to your apartment. You say okay see you in the evening in the new apartment and they move everything completely so you don’t have to do any packing. I’ve seen some services like that, they are not available everywhere, not in every single state in San-Francisco. I’ve seen maybe a couple and there is a lot of demand right now people are moving out of San-Francisco people are moving to townspeople.

A lot of my friends move to l.a and this is something they would really use because packing for me when we moved out of our San-Francisco apartment it took us a month because we had so much stuff and i didn’t want to do everything in two days we just started doing everything slowly and gradually and we lived surrounded by boxes.

8 – Uber For Manicure & Haircut Business Idea –

The next app or service is an Uber for manicure and haircut, something that will make it accessible for people to invite a hair stylist or a manicure specialist to their homes. 

You can either start it as a specialist to yourself for example if your hairdresser you can start a website you know call me and i will come to your house or you can create an app where people see available specialists right now who are able to come on demand. 

Which means they’re able to come in the next hour. You know this on demand things again it changes everything we are in the world where we want everything instantly. 

We hate planning so if you’re building a service whatever i mentioned here it is a game changer if it’s available on demand and i know when you’re starting small this is not actually doable but once you grow have this in your mind on demand is really important and the faster you are the bigger chances that you will be able to beat bigger corporations in your area and potentially either be acquired by a big corporation or compete with them on the same level.

9 – Drone Videographer Business Idea-

The market for the next idea is going to be huge. It is huge right now. Well it was 4.4 billion in 2018 and it’s expected to be 63 billion by 2025 that is a little more than 10x.

I’m talking about the attention of a drone videographer. So first of all if you know how to operate a drone if you know how to create a footage for a drone you can be a filmmaker you can create movies you can create footage for ads you can work with bloggers second you can film different events like weddings or business events third there are a lot of industries that rely on images from drones like agriculture oil and gas civil engineering industries and they really need specialists like you.

They need small businesses that help hire such contractors then that would be drone delivery. I’m hoping in the next couple years and again we would need people who know how to operate drones so if you’re looking for a skill to hone in 2021 drone operating might be that skill.

10 – Smart Home Contractor Business Idea –

Smart home contractors the market for these specialists for these businesses is gonna double in the next five years and what they teach us in silicon valley always look at markets that are scaling.

What is a smart home contractor? So for example somebody is building a house and they need to make it a smart home. You need cameras, you need to operate the lights, you need to operate the fridge etc. Somebody who would come take a look at your house, take a look at your project and come up with a list of possible solutions and create the whole system for you.

This is a smart home contractor that could either be a specialist or you can create a business where you have certain specialists in your company and you work as a contractor with either families or other businesses who are looking for a smart home.

11 – Decluttering services and professional Organizing Business Idea-

Another business is already rising but I see it rising in bigger cities and I see demand for it in smaller cities as well.

This business is called decluttering services or professional organizers. I’m pretty sure you saw those Instagram pages where everything is perfectly organized now where you see wardrobes where clothes are organized by callers and Marie Kondo who wrote a bestseller about decluttering and she has her Netflix show made this mainstream which is amazing and there are some specialists that are following her methods.

Some people come with their own solutions but a lot of families a lot of people are working from home they’re realizing how much stuff they have and if they get rid of that stuff or organize it they would have an extra room in their house so this is something that people are looking for right now.

Final Words –

So these are the some best fields for women entrepreneurs to start a business in 2021. I love all the ideas that i mentioned in this video and if i had passion for them i would have started them by myself but i have passion for some other things and i am already doing those things. 

But if you’re passionate about ideas that are mentioned here go ahead try you know we only live once, So do what you love. 

If you like our article then please tell us in the comment section and share with your friends who need this.

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