How To Start a Gym Business In India? Gym Business Plan

how to start a Gym Business

In this article, you will read about how to start a Gym Business in India, We did deep research on the Gym Business plan and wrote the step by step guide.  So read the full article you will get all knowledge about a Gym Business.

Nowadays, every person is fitness conscious, every person wants to keep himself healthy and fit. Therefore, the needs of the gym are increasing these days.

Today our lifestyle has become very busy and tired. In such a situation, we like to spend some time of our day in the gym so that we stay healthy and feel refreshed throughout the day. Along with population growth in the world, lifestyle-related diseases like sugar, blood pressure, etc. are also increasing.

According to the data received, today about 10 to 15 percent of people are getting annoyed with Serious Sugar disease, and about 30 to 35 percent of people are getting annoyed with diseases like Blood Pressure, Heart Problem, Cholesterol, and Hypertension.

Furthermore, most people are obese nowadays, and therefore the demand for a gym has increased, and there is a lot of scope for entrepreneurs to open their own gym. Additionally, opening a fitness center can be a profitable and successful business.

A fitness business can provide you with a lifetime of income. People are making huge amounts of money by opening gyms in small places these days. Were we discussing it in detail here today, What are the steps to starting a gym?

What kind of gym do you want to start?

There are two types of gyms. The first gym which is equipped with the facilities of cardio equipment and weight lifting etc. It is given the training to lose weight, bodybuilding, etc. The second fitness center loses weight in the fitness center, weight gain, yoga, aerobics, Martial arts, Asanas, etc. are taught. The business of fitness center is slightly more expensive than the gym. For a gym or fitness center, both require extensive knowledge and experience.

Choose location

Location is the most important place for the business of gym or fitness center, it is not that you start it in any prime location of the city, you can open it in any street, but it is necessary that the visitors For parking facilities must be there, you can start it on any floor. The plot from 2000 to 2500 square feet is necessary to open a good gym. If the budget is less, then a little less space can also be run, so there must be space Must have at least 15 machines

How to register a gym in India?

In order to start a gym, you must first ensure a suitable location. When you have your site selection in place you should then figure out the cost involved. Only then can you plan further. 

The Indian government gives you permission to open or operate a gym as a limited or private limited company. It provides you with security and allows for its transferability. When the gym is transferable, it can also be sold to another party in case it is not working properly.

SSI Registration

You have to register your gym in your nearest taluk under the small scale industry in India. This gives you your license and other levels of protection in the future.

Registration Process

The gym is not covered under industrial units, so initially, you have to apply on a provisional basis for its registration. When you process the application for this, then you are provided with a temporary provisional certificate from the government.

When your gym starts and the business is set then you can apply for a permanent license for it.

When you apply for a permanent license then you should keep in mind the following points

You have got other approvals including NOC, only then you are eligible to get a permanent license. Before applying for a permanent license, you should complete all the formality at the local level.

You will have to give details of all the investments made for all the equipment and space of your gym as well as all other investments.

If the annual turnover through your gym is more than 9 lakhs, then you will have to apply for service tax.

Gym setup

Gym or fitness center is an industry in which you need a big investment. Therefore, it is necessary that you prepare a plan related to your business center properly and get advice and other discussions with a senior person in this field.

When your plan is prepared properly, then your next task is to prepare a complete list of the investments that will be made. This will give you an idea of ​​how much money you have to manage.

Now you should take action on all the licenses for your gym or franchise. And along with this, the process of local registration should also be done.

After this, you should get the information and price of all the equipment installed in your gym. Some companies demand the training of equipment and deposit for other equipment, so it is important that you are aware of it beforehand.

If you want a loan for your business, then it is necessary that you go to different banks and get information related to it and apply for it. Nowadays, many types of schemes are also being run by the government, through which you can take a loan at a low price for your new startup. If you want, then you can get information about it too.

After managing all these things, you can start your business, but you will still need a lot of hard work and dedication to manage it. Only then you can succeed in your objective.

These machines are important

For a normal gym, at least 15 machines are required. The machines required for the gym include trade mill, bench press, leg press, lat pull down, butterfly, pack deck, bench press, leg press, cable Cross overs, dip bars, preacher benches, situp benches, two normal benches, yoga mats, skipping rope, rods, dumbbells, stands, etc. are important.

These machines are the most expensive trade mill. People run on trade mills in terms of business. The price of a better trade mill is about 01 lakh rupees, it is better for a low-cost trade mill home but not for business. Apart from this, you will also have to invest once in AC, Light, Music System, and Interior Decoration. Many of the gym machines can also be made locally. Do not compromise on quality even when making local machines.

Where to buy gym machines

There are many big companies, so they make machines for gyms. There are such showrooms in every big city, where modern gym machines are sold, many machines can be made at your local place. The Internet can help you to buy machines. It is possible that with the help of the internet, you can get information about the machines of different companies, by this you will also get to know the rates everywhere and you can buy according to your convenience.

If not trained?

You need to be trained before starting a gym or fitness center. If you are not self-trained then you need a trainer or coach without a trainer. Do not even imagine the business of a gym and fitness center. Experienced trainer or coach Give priority too.

To attract customers, the gym operator should also make his body fit. When someone comes to your gym or fitness center, first look at the operator’s body, so if your body is not fit then the impression would be bad is

The promotion of a gym or fitness center is very important

Whatever the business, there is only one rule, the more the sales, the more profit it means. The more customers will come, the more the benefits of the gym will be dependent on the customers coming there, the more people in your gym and fitness center.

To be a part, your income will be in the same way, try to promote your gym and fitness center to the maximum number of people, make the promotion attractive, without publicity, people will not be able to know about your gym, besides placing billboards in the main places of the area. Publicity can also be done on social media, advertisement can also be given in local news channels and newspapers.

Target area

To increase the number of customers in your gym, you must target an area. Remember that you will not come from 10 kilometers away, so limit the promotional activities to a particular area, needlessly promoting both your energy and money. Will be wasted

How much can a month cost to open a gym?

For example, suppose you have taken a place to start a gym, according to the rent of Rs 15,000 per month, in this electricity bill of Rs 10 thousand and the salary of 15 thousand rupees trainer and 10 thousand rupees other employees, according to this your Monthly expenditure is 50 thousand rupees, 20 thousand rupees, you have to add separate machines, now your total monthly expenditure is 70,000 rupees, if you are a trainer yourself, then these 15 thousand rupees are saved, the electricity bill becomes half in the summer days.

Gym fees

Normally gym fees are 1000 rupees monthly. If 200 people also come to your gym regularly, then you get Rs. 02 lakhs from the fees exclude small expenses, then you will easily save Rs. 01 lakhs every month. When the cost of the machines goes out, then your income directly goes to Rs. 01 lakh 40 thousand monthly. Try to keep the number of 200 customers always.

Ways to increase income

Whether you want to buy a machine or get it manufactured from a manufacturer, keep in mind that machines are such that they can be used in many ways, machines should be adjustable so that many types of exercises can be done with them, saving you both space and money. Always keep an eye on ventilation, this will reduce the power consumption and reduce the bills, when necessary, turn off the machines.

If you are running a gym with the help of a coach or trainer, then start learning on your own, in such a way, your dependence on them will be reduced and you will be able to handle your work on your own.

Start a supplement business with the gym, when you start operating the gym yourself, people will buy the supplement from you as well, the companies doing the business of the supplement will also give you a good margin for it. If you have rented the place then for free time in it Do other activities like dance or music class

 Some precautions are also necessary

1) Some precautions are also necessary before starting a gym. Sometimes due to not taking necessary precautions, you may have to take rash, first of all, discuss the strength of the building with the landlord at the place where the gym is to be opened. Because heavy machines are installed in your business.

2) People coming to the gym must ask for their health certificate can be issued by any recognized doctor or hospital. If there is any health-related problem with any client, then he cannot claim you.

3) Get complete information about the machine, which is not known, if you have more dilemma, you can take the help of YouTube.

4) If you are doing supplementation business with a gym, then sell only quality products, otherwise, your credibility may be affected.

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