Job vs Business : What To Choose Business or Job

Job vs Business 

Job vs Business 

This question does not usually come into anyone’s mind when they get a new job. This question comes to the mind of many people when he has done a job for a few years. The job has its own commitments. This is a routine job that can make a man bored. This also mainly happens when he is not doing his favorite job.

Now come to the basic question, what is better in job and business?

Job vs Business ? 

Doing a job or business depends entirely on your personal interest and your preparedness. Whatever decision you make, that decision has an impact not only on your life but also on your family.

First of all, we talk about business

To do business, it is necessary to have the money, resources, and necessary knowledge of doing business. Along with this, you can succeed in business only if you have a personal interest, passion, and positive thoughts.

To start any business, primary needs money, resources, and knowledge. The lack of one of these three makes success uncertain. Knowledge helps you understand the state of business, the knowledgeable businessman makes his own business decisions, the right decisions, and making those decisions at the right time is very important in business and we cannot do this work depending on others. Business cannot be successful if you depend on someone else to take business decisions. 

Knowledge of Business

To do business, knowledge of account, marketing, advertising, management of goods i.e. inventory management, staff management, etc. It is mandatory for traders to know many modes of trade. You can get this knowledge from any two-three year MBA course study.

Many people start their business on a small scale and learn while working, that is, through ‘on the job training’, you become adept in all of these disciplines over time, thus the knowledge learned by experience will help the merchant’s confidence Boosts confidence.

Money and Resources

When knowledge of the need is gained for doing business, the next need is money and resources to start it. If you do not have the necessary ‘money and resources’, then you can also be mobilized from outside, that is, you can depend on others for this, but the ‘knowledge’ of doing business must be your own.

Locality of Business

After that, a suitable place, shop or office is required for business, it is equally necessary to have a good team to work together. The sequel to start a business is raw or finished goods etc., it must have the necessary facilities for maintenance and knowledge of its use (eg refrigeration, cold storage if you trade sweets) )) Thus, when all the necessary resources are gathered, the business can be established. 

How to expand business

In the initial phase of business, desired results and successes do not start from day one. Just as it takes months or years for the farmer to get fruit from the seed after sowing it in the ground, similarly getting good results from any business depends on time.

In any business, accounting and reconciliation of capital, income, expenses, and losses/profits is very important. In the initial stages of business, the income has to be mixed in the capital, which increases the capital as well as the business, in the same way, it is necessary to be restrained in the event of a loss in the business.

If you practice the business strategy, then you will understand that there is a constant loss at the beginning of the business, then after many months and years of hard work the business moves towards profit.

For example, if you read the model of Zee Media Network, you will find that it was a ‘free to air’ channel in the early years when after getting many good programs in a few years, people got used to watching it. Gradually converted into a payment channel, the success of one channel to the opening of many new channels, and today, Zee Network Entertainment in India is the largest business in the world. The story of Dr. Subhash Chandra, founder of Zee Media is also a matter of inspiration for any youngster.

There are many more examples of this, Godrej Group, Apollo Tire Group, etc. Nirma Washing Powder This company was a very small company making soap powder, its competitors competed against Germany’s global ‘Surf’ brand, but the directors of the company, through new thinking, gave the Nirma brand an Established from city to city, from one state to many states, and thus the ‘Nirma’ brand has spread across the continent and today it is the Nirma brand ‘Soap King of Asia’. 

Product Rebranding


In this episode, the products of ‘Mahindra and Mahindra’ of Hindustan, or the motorcycles of ‘Bullet’ company, have reached new heights of successes all over the world through the technology of ‘Product Re-branding’. You can see many successful models of business through the Internet.

Necessary new thinking, positive thoughts, and determination are essential for any task to succeed. If you have this quality, then business, can you also go to the moon?

Now let’s talk about the sequel of the question i.e. Job


If you are currently unable to do business, then you can do whatever job you get. Even while doing the job, you can think about business and prepare to become a businessman. The job can be done immediately, the subject of doing business is thoughtful, please do not take any decision in a hurry. Reluctantly, work done with incomplete preparation creates difficulties.

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