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how to start a Plant Nursery Business

Thinking to start a plant nursery business but don’t have any idea? Don’t worry you are in the right place in this article you will read about how to start a Plant Nursery Business. We did comprehensive research on this and write a detailed article. Read the complete article it will add value to your life.

Beauty fascinates everyone. Whether it is of a particular person, of home, or of the hotel, of gardens, or of roads. Everyone likes to look good. For which, do not know how much money is spent. There is a big crease to decorate the greenery and flowers in the roof, patio, office, roadside, and park, etc.

So many people like to see their houses, restaurants, or the streets around the house full. Greenery is not just your mind but also fills the mind with positivity. Today’s fashion has become, to plant at home, office.

People put the terraces up to the ghans, decorate the grill of their houses without looking at the expenses so that the atmosphere of the house is pleasant. In such a situation, if you are thinking of doing business of nursery plant then this is a very good business idea. In which you can earn from 50,000 to 1 lakh every month.

Know what the nursery business is before starting a plant nursery:

Nursery plants are a part of agriculture where trees, pots, plastic polythene, manure, equipment, etc. are sold. Also, seeds of plants, manure, soil mixture, pesticides, gardening, etc. are also sold. In all, the nursery plant business is the only way to grow and trade different types of plants, and trade of equipment related to trees and plants.

How to start a plant nursery business?

Before starting a nursery plant business, you have to decide what kind of business you are thinking of doing. How big is the scope of your business and how much is the investment budget, etc. So first of all, divide the business into three categories.

  • Retail Nurseries
  • Commercial Nursery Plants
  • Landscape Plant Nursery

Retail Nursery –

It is also called Stretch Plant Nursery and is also called Plant Plant Nursery. Small trees and plants are sold for office, house, etc. The business of plants, small plants, pottery, plastic polythene, manure, equipment, etc. is done in it. If you have a nice terrace or a patio at home, then you can easily start this business at a low cost.

Wholesale nursery –

It is also called a commercial nursery plant and a commercial plant. This trade is done in wholesale by growing plants. Plants and seeds prepared in this are also made available to farmers for cultivation. If you have a big budget to invest, then you can start this business on a large scale.

Landscape Plant Nursery (Private Nursery) –

To do gardening, you have to buy and rent large fields and lands. In which business is done from farming to gardens. To start a business on this scale, a lot of investment will have to be made. Where you can trade from farming to big gardens. You can add plants ranging from fruit to vegetables and decor to medicine. So in this way you divide your business plan into three parts. Then choose one of these categories according to your budget.

Fundamental Requirements for Plant Nursery:

It is mandatory for nursery plants to have these main items. Which you should also know about.

Place – Whenever you decide to do the business of a nursery plant, first pay attention to location and space. People need it where you are opening a nursery plant. Or in how many spaces you want to do this business etc.

Sand and Soil – Where to arrange soil, which soil will be useful, how to mix sand and soil in how much quantity, etc.

Water – See the information about the arrangement of water in the place where you are going to start a business.

Chemical and organic fertilizers – Keep information about pesticides, and give them an important place in your business. Pesticide medicines information and medicines that are needed, they can contact you.

Necessary machines and equipment – Find out what equipment and machines will be installed in the plant and buy it.

Workers – If you are thinking of doing business on a large scale then you will need workers.

Green lattice and bulls – Bamboo and bullets are required for fields, gardens, etc. and to cover your area, so that no animals or anyone can come in and ruin your plant.

Tools – Many tools are required for digging soil, composting, cutting of trees, etc. You should know which tool will work in which.

Skills required for plant nursery business:

If you want to open a nursery plant, then you should know about trees and plants.

Because of the nature of different trees and plants is different. So in such a situation, you should know that in which plant, how much water, how much manure, incense, pesticide, medicine, etc. to be put or not.

If you have a good budget, you can also hire an experienced gardener.

There should be an understanding of equipment such as manure, irrigation harvesting, temperature control, etc., which equipment will be used.

There should also be an understanding of how to protect trees and plants from insects and which insecticides will be needed to remove the insects in the plants.

Mechanical skills are also required such as information on plumbing, method of irrigation, greenhouse ventilation, and mixing of soil and sand.

Apart from all these, you should also come to marketing and business. So that the profits increase day by day.

Where to buy plants and seeds for plant nursery:

If you are really thinking very far ahead in this business, then you should buy the plant in bulk from the government nursery. You will not get cheap and good goods from it anywhere. Here you will find all kinds of seeds and plants at a very low price.

Talking about the price, here you can buy trees and plants at a price ranging from 10 rupees to 2000 rupees. Also, information about how to protect the environment will also be provided here. For more information visit this link:

Before starting a plant nursery, keep these things in mind:

Do research about the plant in your area. Get advice from people who are in this field. Sit down with experienced people and note down all the nuances of this business.

Which category plant is more in demand in your area, what people there are more interested in, start this business by keeping in mind the need of the surroundings

Make sure to change your business by season

In the early stages, focus more on such plants that grow quickly and which do not have much weather attack, you can also take the help of experts for this. If you can find the time, you can also train it.

How much investment will it take to do a plant nursery business?

Talking about investing in this business, it depends on you which category of business you are going to start. How big are you going to start? Still, if you talk about low cost, you can invest from 50,000 to 1 lakh. It is decided that this business gives double or three times the profit. So in the beginning, the money you invest in it, you will get a high return in 2 3 months.

License and registration for starting plant nursery:

To start a nursery plant, you have to take the permission of the Municipal Corporation, you can start the nursery when the Municipal Corporation gives you the certificate.

You have to get your company registered.

GST Number and account will also have to be opened.

Government permission will have to be sought to open a nursery plant.

It is also necessary to ensure the nursery plant so that you can get compensation in case of any future mishap.

How to market a plant nursery business?

Research the nursery market thoroughly. Go to the nursery near you and see what those people are doing for promotion.

Put banners in the surrounding areas.

Use visiting cards, templates, etc.

Do online marketing – Make Facebook and other social media platforms the center of your promotion.

Nowadays there is a big craze of online shopping, as well as the way this epidemic has promoted social distancing, online shopping is the easiest way. You can start your business online. There are many shopping apps for this, contact them.

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