How to start a recruitment agency or employment agency

How to start a recruitment agency

This article is about what is a recruitment agency &  how to start a recruitment agency. A recruitment agency means a job recruitment organization, as the name itself makes it clear that it is an organization that gets jobs. A recruitment agency acts as an intermediary between a company and an unemployed person and those who want another job.

If you want to start a recruitment agency, then you have to understand its basic work as well as the general information required in this task, the requirement, market competition, basic needs according to the type of team and recruitment agency, etc. Need to know in detail. After all this type of information, you can estimate for yourself how much it will cost and how much profit you will get in starting a recruitment agency.

What is a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies are a type of intermediary that works as a middleman between the company and the unemployed (who need a job, and who want to change their job).

If a company has a requirement for a job, then they can contact the company recruitment agency.

Apart from this, if an unemployed person is looking for a job, then they can also contact this recruitment agency and can according to their merit, can wish the job.

Apart from this, a recruitment agency can also get information about the job by contacting the HR department of the company on its behalf. By giving this information to unemployed youth, they can help them in getting jobs. This is mainly the job of a recruitment agency.

How do recruitment agencies work?

Any recruitment agency selects the company according to its type (Niche) and contacts the HR department of that company. If there is a vacancy in that company, the recruitment agency collects the basic requirement for that post (eg minimum qualification, experience, location, etc.) and the company’s employment requirements.

The recruiting agency creates a database of this information, and with the help of that database, they create a list of people who can meet the needs of the company, and based on that list, they contact all those people and give them all the information about the company.

When the candidate is satisfied with the company and its position, thus the recruitment agency interviews those applicants in the company if that person is selected in the interview and gets a job in that company. In order to facilitate this process, the recruitment agency gets a % of the commission.

Apart from this, the recruitment agency can also charge a commission to the candidates. That’s how they earn as an intermediary.

Information about opening a recruitment agency

If you want to open a recruitment agency then you have to do some important work, with this you will be able to start a successful business.

Type of recruitment agency and decide which type of recruitment service you provide

There are many types of recruitment agencies, so it is mandatory for you to choose a particular type of yourself. Through which you will be able to determine what kind of sector you have to search for people. And you can choose it through your personal knowledge, what kind of field (field) you are aware of. You can choose your department accordingly.

Generally, the following types of recruitment agencies are found in the market 

  • IT and Technology Department
  • Oil and Gas Department
  • Finance and Marketing Department
  • Engineer
  • Construction field
  • Teaching field
  • Hardware field

In any such department, you have a stronghold, you can open a recruitment agency for that department. Apart from this, it is also important that you choose a field which is more needed in the market and in which you can easily work without any hassle and without major competition.

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