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importance of teamwork

It is important to understand the importance of teamwork to improve the results of any organization. Work done in team situations in critical situations ensures success. Everyone wins in this situation.

Andrew Carnegie, an American entrepreneur, defines teamwork as the path of working together toward a shared goal. It is also a name for motivating individuals to achieve organizational goals.

In an era where institutions can take global forms, it has become more and more important for individuals to collaborate in achieving their objectives. That energy is what allows a person to earn specific goals.

How to become an ideal team


These days employers prefer to keep employees with diverse talents at the workplace. The main reason for this is to diversify the workplace as well as to promote creative thinking. This diversity of employees also affects the structure of a team.

The presence of people experiencing offbeat areas among a team helps improve the team’s result. Shivani Puri, who works as an HR manager in a Gurgaon-based multinational company, says, “We carefully look at the full details of the applicant while selecting a job. Employs people of different age groups present in the company.

Their background and the variety of work they do in college and previous jobs are also taken into consideration. Its direct advantage is that all the team members keep learning from each other’s experiences. New thinking develops for changes. The following steps help in building a good team and team spirit.

Communication should be effective


Effective communication is its first condition. Ideological exchanges between team members should be uninterrupted, clear, and determined towards the success of the plan. Communication should be two-sided. Clarity of rights and duties enhances the coordination of officers and employees.

Lead be strong


The speed of work of the boss at the workplace is the speed of the team. It is important that the team leader is the one who can lead the team by its efficiency. To rise above their personal interests and give priority to the team’s goal. Build confidence in team members, so that everyone can move in one direction.

Mutual trust


Mutual good relations are essential for the success of the team. Trust among members should be strong. Do not hide necessary things, project details, or any new thing from each other unless it is in the interest of the institution.

The Goal should be one


Any team is made up of individuals with different views. These ideas can also be opposed to each other. In such a situation, it will be necessary that the actions of the team members do not get entangled in mutual factionalism or personal selfishness, they should move towards the goal.

Respect for allies


Conflict can be reduced only by respecting each other’s abilities, thoughts and actions. A skilled team leader or manager not only understands the usefulness of everyone’s work but also takes incentive steps for specific efforts.

Do not let negativity dominate you


Whether you are working as a member of the team or are its leaders, negative thinking in any way hinders the work. Stay away from jealousy or spiteful things that can adversely affect team actions. Do not let office gossiping flourish.

Be honest with work


Giving all the work to one person, not involving others in it, or not giving the necessary rights to complete it after handing over the work impedes the work. Distribute work to all members according to their ability.

If they are together, then there will be a conflict


When many people work together, it is also natural for them to have differences. This difference of opinion and conflict are not always negative. Many times new ideas and better ways to work also emerge in this process. Which makes it easier to achieve the goal.

If one or two team members do not agree on an idea, then often the other members remain silent, which is not right. Team members should address the possibility of confrontation at the right time by talking about conflicting views.

  •  Identify the issue of differences. Do not hold back in negotiating it.
  •  Understand all aspects of the problem.
  •  Find common solutions so that all the members can move towards their goals with new energy.
The group with many hands and one brain


In a recent survey, 90 percent believed that being part of a team at the workplace was the best experience for them. In the words of expert Bill Bethal, ‘A successful team is a group with many hands and one mind. In a successful team, all the members contribute towards one goal and for this, they also keep their personal priorities aside. 

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