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Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneur refers to the section of the female population who engage in the adventure in industrial activities. 

Woman entrepreneurs are said to be an entrepreneur who owns and controls an enterprise and holds 51 percent of the venture capital and the minimum number of women employees working in the venture is 51 percent. 

Hence, a woman entrepreneur starts a business and sets up and runs it. 

Following are the reasons for the significant contribution of women entrepreneurs: 

  • She likes new challenges and opportunities for self-development. 
  • She wants to prove her aptitude for innovator and competitive jobs. 
  • She wants to change control by balancing her domestic responsibilities and professional life.

What is Women Entrepreneurship Portal (WEP) – 

Women entrepreneurship portal will provide an eco-system of entrepreneurship where women will not face gender-based discrimination. The platform seeks to increase the number of women entrepreneurs to build a new India.

WEP will provide women with opportunities to fulfill their entrepreneurial desires, fulfill innovation-related activities, and develop sustainable, sustainable, and long-term strategies for their business. The objective of WEP is-

  • To encourage women entrepreneurs with the help of cooperative institutions.
  • Connecting the business of women entrepreneurs with the industry. To enhance the currently implemented government and non-government schemes, programs, and services.
  • Identifying business-related problems and trying to overcome them.
  • Creating a centralized portal for the registration of female entrepreneurs and collecting data at the national level.
  • Recommending evidence-based policies for a better entrepreneurship ecosystem.
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