The Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) – Initiative of the NITI Aayog


The Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) is an initiative of The National Institution for Transforming India, The NITI Aayog. The WEP aims to identify and connect women entrepreneurs by creating a unified platform that helps women succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors. In this article, you will get all the details about the women entrepreneurship platform.

Yes, I am going to talk about that era today… .a such Era Where women in almost every field have started working side by side with men. Whether it is education, be it medical or military. Because “women are the basis of building society and today women with men in every field Step by step to change its responsibility Playing equally.

As you all know the Startup culture now there is a lot of promotion in India and women also have shown a lot of interest in this culture. If the government believes so startups running in India are almost 14% of startups are run by women, if we compare the last decade so these numbers are too much but if compared with developed countries so these numbers are very few.

What is Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) –

To increase the startup culture in women, a program has been run by the Government of India which is named Women Entrepreneurship Platform. From the government through this platform many schemes are in operation, who helps Women stand on their feet and to become self-sufficient. Women Entrepreneurship Platform started in Idea Global Entrepreneurship the summit came in 2017, This program was held in Hyderabad in 2017 along with NITI Aayog in this idea the United States of America the government is also connected.

These programs are mainly aimed at women to be skilled in business management and they have been started to help in business. NITI Aayog’s Women Entrepreneurship Platform to inspire the three powers of women has been started.

And they got this WEP that is, of Women Entrepreneurship Platform Pillar. Is also believed to be no country can reach the peak of fame until the women of that country do not walk shoulder to shoulder with men.

The three powers of Women Entrepreneurship Platform –

Those are the three powers, Will Power, Knowledge Power, and Action Power. If you are an entrepreneur Or want to start up And understand Start-Up closely, so you must know that without these three powers making a start-up successful is almost impossible.

First, we use our will and find the Idea of ​​Start-Up. After that, with the help of knowledge power, we plan the Idea, and then with deed power, we execute that idea.

Women Entrepreneurship Platform enhances all these powers and works towards providing business support. It is believed that after implementing this scheme that women of the country to start StartUp Get a better ecosystem.

But how will this help in business, who can benefit from this scheme, And by what procedure this scheme can be availed? Today we will discuss this topic in detail.

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Benefits of Women Entrepreneurship Platform Scheme –

So let’s start actually through this scheme it will be possible with many benefits available. If we consider the benefits of this scheme in this case,

Number 1 is Free Credit Rating –

If you ever have any agency or bank that must have applied for a loan then you must have heard this word. Credit rating means that as a debtor how much you believe and how has your past debt record been. If you repay your previous loan at the right time so your credit score goes up and if you have your previous debt do not pay at the right time then your credit score decreases.

Apart from this, credit score also depends on how long ago your bank account was opened And how long till now how much or how little amount is held. If on average in your bank account less money remains then your credit score goes down.

No one gets a loan without a good credit score but Women Entrepreneurship Under Platform Scheme Women who register in it, will be given the facility of free credit rating, That is, their credit score, There will not be a benchmark to take the loan. So to start your startup, a Loan will also be available without any credit score.

Number 2 is Advice –

Before starting any start-up Or while driving, every entrepreneur wants him that from time to time get the right advice according to the need from idea to hiring, from product manufacturing to product selling, from start-up establishment to start-up management.

We need advice almost everywhere or simply say that in business not only advice is needed rather, but the right advice is also needed. We want help from those people who have done this work before but often you do not get such advice either and even if you get so it comes at the cost of a huge amount. This means that you have to pay consultancy fees, and when you meet such business advisers then you also get a limited time.

But in the women entrepreneurship platform scheme you will get advice sitting at home, that too on almost everything. It will provide you Indian government With the help of those people who have achieved in this field and best of this field.

Number 3 is Skill Development –

Running a startup and understanding the market is a very difficult job but under the Women Entrepreneurship Platform, this training will also be given to almost every woman and they will be helped as much as possible.

Apart from all this business education and also for corporate coordination training will be given under this scheme as well as to motivate women in this program such seminars and events are also held, where women have made a startup successful. They will share their stories, experiences, and struggle, and inspire other women as well.

Apart from this, registering on the platform will also help in accelerating women’s startups. Women entrepreneurship platform scheme it’s very easy to join. If a woman has started her start-up or gonna start so she can easily join it. Even if your Start-Up establishments are done you still for the further journey by joining can take government help.

Women entrepreneur Corporate, NGO Research organization also can join this platform, if they want to help women entrepreneurs.

How to register in women entrepreneurs platform –

Women Entrepreneurship Platform, to join you have to go to its official website. Go there and click on Register and then submit all that information as asked in the opening form. If you want, from your Facebook or Google account to can log in. All your information in the form that follows can be submitted correctly and after your registration becomes successful can avail all facilities and your start-up can also fulfill the dream of succeeding.

Register here – Official Website 

After knowing all this you must have understood, Indian government this much to promote women entrepreneurship in India and many ways to support them in this direction by running schemes.

This is what I end up within today’s topic “Woman with her duties now there is no flying now, no complaints There is no fatigue and this is the identity of today’s woman. See you again next with a new article and if you like to share this article with all your friends.

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